Take working together
to the next level!

Corporate Fitness Programs

Our training is done in a supportive and motivational environment with encouragement to DO MORE and put your best foot forward. Whether you prefer to work independently or compete against others, UBE provides an atmosphere to motivate all individuals. Integrate our training into your workplace. Classes can be customized to programming individualized for the ergonomics and tasks performed by your employees.

Access to all gym equipment: $48/month

Access to all gym equipment + 12 monthly coach-led classes: $56/month

Access to all gym equipment + unlimited monthly coach-led CBI and employee classes: $66/month

Personal Training:
$45 per session
$37 per session for 12 sessions
$33 per session for 16 sessions

Physical Therapy

We are a Top-level
Athletic Training &
Physical Therapy Facility

Designed to provide athletes and community members of all ages and ability a fully comprehensive training and physical therapy experience