Become a quicker, stronger,
more explosive athlete

Sport-Specific Training

UBE’s staff is well-versed in individualized sport-specific training designed to enhance athletic abilities. Sport-specific training may work on endurance, strength, power, agility, flexibility, mobility, mental preparedness, nutrition, and injury prevention. We are here to help you win and always to DO MORE!

Sport-Specific Training

Two sessions per week.

Contact UBE for pricing on full team strength and conditioning or sport-specific training.
Pricing may be based upon in-season/off-season training.

You receive

  • Full supervision at all times from our qualified strength coaches
  • Programming individually designed for you. UBE recognizes that all athletes have different requirements. We excel at customizing programs specific to your needs as an individual and the needs of your sport.
  • Flexible scheduling. We know it’s hard to navigate around work, school, and life. We’re here to make things easier, allowing you to choose the times that work best for you.
  • A motivational atmosphere that pushes you to be your best every time through the door
  • Specialized bars and equipment
  • Small class sizes to ensure proper supervision allowing for more personalized training.
  • Tracking of workouts and progress through our online system that you can access from anywhere
  • Programming for independent home workouts in addition to one-on-one gym workouts with your strength coach
Physical Therapy

We are a Top-level
Athletic Training &
Physical Therapy Facility

Designed to provide athletes and community members of all ages and ability a fully comprehensive training and physical therapy experience