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To lower your
Workers comp cost

Workers Compensation

Clinical Examination, TREATMENT and RECOVERY

  • Use our therapists as your first line of defense following an injury!
  • Keep your employee while reducing workers compensation and turnover costs
  • As a 10-day provider, we strive to assess an employee within 48 hours of the claim and aim to get them back to work within that 10-day time frame, with communication to the employer throughout the process
  • Evaluation within 48 hours of request
  • Treatment to start day 1 if no red flags
  • Effective and efficient communication

What to expect

  • Patient will be scheduled for an evaluation with our therapist within 48 hours of requesting an appointment
  • Treatment will start on day 1 if no red flags
  • Therapist will evaluate need for further treatment and progress as necessary
  • Therapist will see patient with greater frequency (3-4x a week) and lessen as condition/injury improves

Maintaining Contact

We understand that keeping an open line of communication is important throughout the process. A few reasons we ensure thorough and consistent communication are listed below!

  • Keep up employee’s morale
  • Encourage employees to maintain treatment
  • Demonstrate the employee is expected back at work
  • Claims manager will be alerted with any problems
  • Employees well-being is a concern

Ways UBE can help you!

  • Reporting all injuries
  • Help workers file claims
  • Maintain contact with workers and employers
  • Help make transition back to work
  • Help reduce claims and keep down costs by promoting safety and preventing accidents
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