Physical Therapy at the Gym

The UBE gym has a very unique addition to the gym that many other gyms are lacking, a doctorate of physical therapy, highly-trained licensed trainers, as well as a massage therapist, specialized in deep tissue and sports massages. This extensive team of experts can help individuals that are medically compromised achieve their fitness and health…

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The Pallof Press

Hey everyone! Our PT Katy has made a little video of herself doing her favorite core movement, the Pallof Press! The full video can be seen here. “The Pallof Press is an anti-rotation exercise that aids in strengthening and stabilizing your core. It is an especially good move for athletes that are expected to turn…

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Importance of Anti-Rotation Exercises in Core Strength

Did you know that your core is made up of over 20 muscles that all have different roles in core stabilization? Due to the multiple amounts of muscles, core strengthening should be done in all different planes of motion. One important type of core stabilization exercise includes anti-rotation. An anti-rotation exercise is generally an exercise where…

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Modification is Key!

You should never feel bad about modifying a workout! If the anticipation of having to modify a workout or movement is keeping you from the gym. Let’s step back and take a look at the bigger picture! When the ultimate plan is to get stronger, we all have to start somewhere! And to start now,…

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Foam Rolling – What Are We Actually Doing?

It is now commonplace to see various tools at the gym to improve muscle length and tone, with foam rollers and lacrosse balls being the most prevalent. These tools are used to improve the mobility of the muscle tissue that you are targeting, typically before and after your workout, aiming to reduce muscle or joint…

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