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Physical Therapy

UBE Physical Therapy and Performance is a rehabilitation facility that specializes in athletic and orthopedic recovery. Our mission is to provide doctorate-level care, and one- on-one attention to all of our patients.

We are excited to collaborate with the founders of Volta Climbing Gym to provide physical therapy services for their members, aiming to mitigate pain and muscle tightness prior to progressing to more serious injuries. The Volta Gym is not limited to gym members requiring physical therapy care, but it is open to all community members requiring treatment that find the Trenton location more convenient.

We offer targeted physical therapy and rehabilitative services across a wide spectrum of ability and necessity and inclination with treatment options including manual therapy, targeted exercise programs, and taping.

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Services at our Trenton

Physical Therapy

UBE Physical Therapy and Performance is proud to support the local communities we work in, because most of our staff is native to Maine and we live in this community too. We feel that supporting community programs and collaborating with other businesses and organizations only serve to help our community members.

We understand that Maine is a rural state and physical therapy access is not always feasible for all that need it. Many insurance companies cover telehealth services to help meet this need. It may sound confusing as to how telehealth physical therapy visits work. Our skilled therapists can remotely evaluate symptoms, educate the individual on their condition and appropriate modifications and considerations to manage symptoms and then remotely work them through a targeted exercise program with guidance and progressions if appropriate.

We are a Top-level
Athletic Training &
Physical Therapy Facility

Designed to provide athletes and community members of all ages and ability a fully comprehensive training and physical therapy experience