What is Graston Technique®?

Graston Technique® is an evidence-based form of instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization to detect and break down scar tissue and fascial restrictions, as well as maintain optimal range of motion.

If you’ve ever “googled” or spoken to somebody who had heard of Graston, I’m sure it evoked some form of torture. However, Graston has been proven to treat common long-term soft tissue (muscle, nerve, tendon and fascia) injuries.

How does it work?
To gain better understanding of how Graston works, you must understand the body’s muscle tissue. As a muscle is overworked, or even during strengthening, micro-tears are created in the muscle fibers. Once the muscles start to build back up, this creates scar tissue/adhesions within the muscle fibers (as seen below) causing what many term as “knots”.


Think of it as using stainless steel instruments to smooth out knots within your muscles. The Graston tools help the therapist to detect the location of the damaged tissue through feel and sound.

With the use of specialized tools and comprehensive training, a certified Graston therapist is able to effectively address scar tissue, chronic inflammation, and adhesions which improves patient outcomes.

Side effects:
Due to the fact that the therapist is actually re-introducing a bit of trauma to the affected area, temporary inflammation and blood flow occurs. This may create a temporary reddening of the skin/tissue.

While there can be some slightly uncomfortable moments during the Graston process, this is dependent on the severity of the injury; however, the pain is not constant, and the certified therapists knows to apply only deeper pressures for short periods of time.

Commonly injuries in which Graston is used:

Muscle strains
Achilles tendinitis
Plantar fasciitis
Cervical pain
Hamstring strain
Lateral epicondylitis
Rotator cuff tendinitis
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Scar pain
Ligament sprains
Ankle sprain
Patella Femoral Syndrome
Hip pain
Low back pain
ITB Tendinitis
Medial epicondylitis
Adhesive capsulitis
Wrist tendinitis

Graston will not be used solely in your therapy session; it is used as a tool in addition to other treatments to help aid in recovery. Incorporating stretching and strengthening exercises with the instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization aids in remodeling the injured tissue, which will help lead you on the road to recovery!

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