Month: October 2017

Soreness vs. Pain

There have been many observations made and questions asked about having a physical therapy clinic in a gym. One frequently asked question has been how to determine the difference between soreness and pain. It is important to understand the difference between muscle soreness and pain. While muscle soreness is a healthy, anticipated result of exercise, pain…

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Why Are So Many Young Athletes Getting Severe, Season-Ending Injuries?

Over the past decade, it appears that more athletes are being sidelined with season-ending injuries. While there are many different reasons for injuries that are out of the athlete’s control, here are a few possible reasons that can be self-managed: Lack of proper warm-up or cool-down Many teams have improper and inefficient warm-ups, causing athletes…

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October is National Physical Therapy Month!

October is the month in which we have the chance to celebrate National Physical Therapy Month. As PTs, we have the opportunity to play a significant role in helping people overcome both the physical and mental hardships of an injury. Contact UBE Physical Therapy for a FREE 30-minute consultation to assess your needs and how…

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