Month: November 2017

You Are More Than An MRI

Here at UBE Physical Therapy, we work with many patients of varying deficits and limitations. One of the most frequent cases that we receive are patients with back pain. We have many patients that have come into physical therapy with the immediate want for an image and a concrete diagnosis. While understanding what is wrong…

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Consistency with Physical Therapy

There are countless reasons for a patient to come to physical therapy, as well as the countless benefits of physical therapy. At the start of your physical therapy journey, your therapist will develop a “plan of care” at your first session with your personal goals in mind. That plan of care will include how many…

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Post-Race Stretching

Although November is upon us, there are still plenty of upcoming area races to compete in before, and maybe after, the snow flies! UBE’s Katy Wellman, PT, DPT, demonstrates a few key stretches to help with your post-race recovery. Complete each stretch below twice, holding for 30-45 seconds per side.   Piriformis Stretch Due to…

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