Month: January 2017

Trigger Point & Self-Myofascial Release With a Lacrosse Ball

At UBE, our goal is to improve joint mechanics for suitable function and restore appropriate length-tension relationships of soft tissue. Some of our manual treatments involve trigger point release techniques. Some of our patients can replicate these techniques at home using a tennis or lacrosse ball. Trigger points are “knots” within a taut band of…

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Foundational Strength & Why It’s Important

Foundational strength refers to strength and stability surrounding the body’s major joints, typically involving smaller muscle groups. Improving foundational strength improves your overall mechanics and creates a stronger base from which to build upon. Starting an exercise program without first addressing foundational strength can increase the risk of injury and limit your potential for strength…

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Shoveling 101

We live in Maine. There’s bound to be snow. At times, a lot of snow. With all the snow, there is a lot of shoveling many Mainers face. Shoveling snow may be the most physically challenging exercise you face this winter and many times into late fall and early spring. Snow shoveling is a repetitive…

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