The enigma of low back pain… why nothing seems to help.

It is not uncommon for individuals experiencing low back pain to try to self-treat to address their pain and to hold off seeing their primary care physician or physical therapist. Often, this starts with a Google search on treatments, exercises, or stretches to manage low back pain.

Here is why this can be problematic…

There are a number of potential causes for your low back pain, and unless you are aware of the cause, some of the movements that are recommended may actually be causing more irritation.  In other words, stretches that may be beneficial for someone with a hpt2erniated disc can ultimately exacerbate pain with someone who has spinal stenosis.

To add another layer here, if you have any irritation throughout the sciatic nerve, which often accompanies low back pain, many stretches are going to feel fine while you are doing them, however your night pain will escalate. The same goes with various movements that you do throughout the day that don’t bother you while you are doing them, but make your evening pain worse. Unless you are aware of the movements you should avoid, you will have a hard time getting ahead of your pain.

This is just one of the reasons that we do free consultations for individuals at UBE Physical Therapy. We can assess your movements, and recommend how to proceed with managing your symptoms on your own. If you are still struggling with managing your pain after that, we are here for you.

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