Physical Therapy at the Gym

The UBE gym has a unique addition to the gym that many other gyms lack, a doctorate of physical therapy, highly-trained licensed trainers, and a massage therapist specializing in deep tissue and sports massage. This extensive team of experts can help individuals who are medically compromised achieve their fitness and health goals safely and manageably.

Every year, individuals who recover from a recent injury come to physical therapy and then head back to another gym, only to injure themselves once again.

At UBE, the goal is to recover from your injury or ailment and allow gym members to learn how to exercise and strengthen their body the correct way, allowing members to lead a healthy lifestyle post-rehabilitation.

Another benefit to having your physical therapy and gym membership in the same building is cost benefits. Often, insurance money ends, and there is a therapy cap as to how many times you can have treatment. Here at UBE, gym members can continue through affordable direct pay or supervised gym use.

UBE gym allows a smooth transition to the gym after sessions have ended, with physical therapists continuing to be involved and staying in touch with patients to help them achieve their goals and give therapy patients traditionally uncomfortable with general gym settings an opportunity to get in their best physical shape.


We are a Top-level
Athletic Training &
Physical Therapy Facility

Designed to provide athletes and community members of all ages and ability a fully comprehensive training and physical therapy experience